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I joined your 5am Prayer for my daughter who was rushed to the emergency with an abnormally high fever. While she was in her room I layed my hand on her shaking body and agreed with the Pastor and immediately she was healed.

I am Q, I am in prison and will be for the rest of my life unless there’s a miracle from God.I am up at 3am to hear Myles and to pray. I have hope listening to your station!


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After MidNight Ministries is the Online Radio Ministry of Marlon Nicolls and Associates.With over 30 years working with major ministries, worship leaders and pastors, we have heard and seen men and women of God who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are powerful, accurate and speak with authority as representative of our Imperial Majesty, Jesus.These are the ones we present to you. Enjoy and be challenged and changed.


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